Latest Past Events

Annual Planning Meeting at Reading, PA Airport

KRDG Reading

Our annual planning session will be held at the Reading, PA airport again this year.  This is a great facility capable of holding the whole membership.  Y'all come out and attend! Please note the start time.  Please also note we had a "pile-up" of NEBG members coming to KRDG around 9am last year.  It was


Panhandlerz! Advanced Formation Clinic in October at KMRB

KMRB Martinsburg

Panhandlerz! If you were there, you know that B2OSH '22 was great--I hope the Mooney Caravan was the same!  Keep those formation skills sharp by joining us at Martinsburg for a fall formation flying clinic Oct 20-23.  The main purpose of the fall clinic is to learn and practice advanced 2-ship maneuvers, and then move to


Brunch at Sky Acres, 44N, NY

On September 17 we will fly in to Sky Acres for brunch.  Let’s meet at 10AM.   If you haven’t been to the big red barn lately, the food & ambience have improved greatly over the last few years.  Some days there is even live music.