Lunch at Poughkeepsie KPOU

Brunch at Paula’s on the Airfield.  Eat at 10AM, presentation afterwards by Sacha Botbol, who imported a Ukrainian Yak 18T as the Russians were invading Ukraine.  After brunch we will move over to the FBO that has a conference room we will use.  If the weather is good he will fly it over from where


The Martinsburg Panhandlerz Formation Clinic is at KMRB in May

The Martinsburg Panhandlerz formation clinic is May 18-21. Come check out a great airport and airspace for formation flying--and a great bunch of pilots to fly with! The spring clinic will focus on training new formation pilots and regaining proficiency for all to participate safely in B2OSH. Clinic sign up information is now on the


Hyannis, MA


This village on Cape Cod is known for its wide beaches and the private Kennedy’s Compound.  The John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum chronicles the assassinated president’s family vacations through videos and photographs.  At the Hyannis Harbor, the Cape Cod Maritime Museum has boat building exhibits.  Main Street is the downtown is known for specialty shops,


Kennebunkport, Maine, October 6-8

We are staying at the Cape Arundel Inn & Resort.  I have already booked my room; they have a variety of accommodations. Kennebunkport Maine is widely known as one of New England’s most popular tourist destinations. This charming coastal town isn’t just a great place to vacation. It’s also full of history.  From gorgeous beaches

Panhandlerz Fall Formation Flying Clinic

KMRB Martinsburg, WV, United States

The fall clinic will focus primarily on pilots with basic 2-ship formation experience who wish to become more proficient, learn advanced 2-ship maneuvers, and eventually advance to 4-ship flights. The actual flying schedule will depend on the experience levels of attendees, and we'll accommodate formation newcomers if possible.

The clinic will start with Thursday afternoon attendance at ground school for an introduction to advanced formation maneuvers and 4-ship formation procedures. Friday will begin with introduction flights to advanced 2-ship maneuvers, which will serve as building blocks for 4-ship advanced formation.

NEBG Annual Planning Meeting

Join us at the Reading, PA Airport (KRDG) for the annual recap of 2023 and to discuss plans for 2024. Arrive at 9:30AM, meet 10AM, lunch around 11:30 or noon. An airline is coming in at 4PM and they want us out of there by 2PM. Ask for parking by the restuarant.  If you will


Montauk, NY Lunch

April 20, Montauk, NY for lunch. Walk to the great restaurant.


Lunch at Barnes, Westfield MA KBAF

May 18, Westfield, MA (KBAF), great lunch spot and there is a museum to peruse. Michael
Shehl to organize (I’ll help). Tentative date.