From the President – June 2023

June 1-4 – Hyannis, MA.  A small group of us had a great time in Hyannis.    The John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum was terrific, mostly because it brought me back to a different time.  And it showed a different time in politics and structure of our government.  Well worth going to Hyannis to visit.

In attendance were Michael Madigan and Bella, David Greene and his wife Jody and I.  My wife stayed home; she was recovering from a sinus infection that she got from me.

The Hyannis Harbor Hotel was in a great location but was under construction and was mediocre. 

Griffin Aviation was definitely the FBO to use.  Fees at the others can be extravagant.  They are also a well-known avionics shop.  The rental car was painless.

This first weekend in June was a good weekend; everything was open, it was a week after Memorial Day (which was busy) but in some ways not into their high season yet.  Thursday & Friday it was sunshine & beautiful; beach weather.  Saturday & Sunday were record cold & winds.

We walked on great beaches, took a catamaran lighthouse tour that went by the Kennedy compound, swam in the pools, and ate at fabulous restaurants. 

August 13-19, St. John’s Newfoundland.  I am already getting inquiries about this trip; people are excited.

If you are new to flying internationally, I have a writeup about how to fly to Canada.  You can request it from me or just download it here.

Approximate schedule, subject to change (as you wish):

  • August 12 – Ginny & I will fly to Bangor & stay downtown, probably in a Marriott property.  If you are joining us there, let me know.
  • August 13 – Fly to St. John’s, Newfoundland.  PAL Aviation seems to be the place for the piston crowd.  Comments talk about $125 (C) Handling charge but that includes 3 nights parking, so I guess OK (I think that is $90 US).  Fuel is very expensive so if you have tip tanks you will tanker fuel in.
    • Last time we stayed at the Sheraton hotel downtown, which is a 4-star hotel, in a great location, and cheap.  4 nights.
    • Enterprise will deliver cars to the FBO.  I recommend a bigger car (SUV) for 2 couples to share.
  • August 14 – day trip to Terra Nova National Park.
  • August 15 – day trip down the west side of Avalon peninsula
  • August 16 – historic walking tour of St. John’s
  • August 17 – Travel to St. Pierre and Miquelon, France.  It’s a short ferry ride or a shorter flight.  They do get fog there.  If you bring a car over, you need French insurance.  Stay 2 nights.
  • August 19 – Fly to Bangor, ME to clear customs.  Ginny & I will stay overnight Saturday night & fly home early Sunday.  If your airplane is in St. Pierre France, you can overfly Canada and fly direct to the U.S. (550 NM).

We are still researching the St. Pierre portion and will have more information soon.

Someone asked me about fuel.  Without tip tanks, you can do this trip.  Do not just look at the ForeFlight fuel map; it is often not right for Canada.  The ForeFlight Canadian subscription has access to the CFS (Canadian Flight Supplement) which I have found to be reliable.  When in doubt, call.  I have historically found fuel at Fredericton, New Brunswick (CYFC), Sydney, Nova Scotia (CYQY), Deer Lake on Newfoundland (CYDF), and our destination of St. John’s (CYYT).  The CFS currently shows fuel at all those places.

Please sign up on the web site.  I will send this newsletter out individually to people who have gone on prior Canada trips or who have expressed interest.


August 13-19 – St. Johns, Newfoundland. Side trips to St. Pierre, France, Bonavista Coast (great history), Terra Nova National Park, Avalon Peninsula.

October 6-8 – Kennebunkport, Maine

November 4 – Reading, PA annual planning meeting.

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